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- Welcome back, students!


By Seamus

September is the month when the energy rises around our Manchester Oxford road salon. Largely because the students are back in town!

Manchester has missed the vibe and diversity that comes with an incoming population of smart, fun loving and diverse intellects. From all over the city, country and worldwide, the Oxford road corridor becomes a hive of activity. Morning, noon & night.

Our work in the salon reaches new creative highs. Quite like students, learning is part of a wider agenda here at McCrory Hair. We are always learning new things. Not just about hair (although industry education is high on our list of values), we have worked tirelessly to learn and teach ourselves in all things diverse and inclusive.

Mental health awareness is a priority for us as a salon team. We have amongst our ranks, qualified mental health first-aiders ready to identify and respond with our clients. All of us are certified mindful salon hairdressers, receiving ongoing mindset education as a foundation to the services we offer. We are also able to discreetly direct clients to the correct services and resources relating to domestic abuse, coercion & manipulation with aptly located literature, so that potential users can find it easier to reach out.

We are one of the first small businesses in the U.K. to be a member of Trans awareness in business.

Our environment is a fun, safe, neutral & non-judgmental space. A place to feel who you truly are and not what you think others expect you to be.

Because of the fundamental work we do with ourselves individually and collectively we are solid. Solid performance. Solid skill sets. Solid environment. Solid results. Solid team.

Performance and results are what matters to us. This is why we are a fab match for the students. After all it is performance and results that will get them the excellence they are after.

It is exactly the same for us.

Welcome Back!! Here’s To Your Success!!

From all the team at McCrory Hair, have a fantastic year in your education!

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