Vicky Queen of Curls - Lockdown Recommendations

Right then curly ladies, how are those lockdown curls going?

For our second blog post we asked our resident curl specialist, Vicky Queen of Curls, to recommend four products she absolutely loves to help your curls through the lockdown!

Trepadora - Bamboo Ginseng Curling Glaze

Super-strong hold styling gel that sets curls FAST as it enhances your definition. Once your hair is 100% dry scrunch out the extra-firm gel cast to release beautiful soft bouncy curls that last.


  • Wavy or hard to define loose curly hair that need an extra boost of volume.

  • Curls that need a strong hold for extra definition and a tighter curl pattern.

  • Glaze over any of our other styling products to increase definition and speed up drying time.

"Without out a doubt my favourite product of all time is the Bamboo Ginseng Glaze. Although this product is made for waves, it’s incredibly versatile and works with all hair types really well. I absolutely love it and can't recommend enough. If you want a strong hold, this product is definitely for you" - Vicky

Take a look HERE


Trepadora - Babassu Quench Leave-in Primer

Achieve superior detangling and the ultimate base for your styling products. Amazingly you will also find you need less styling products.


  • All curl types.

  • Curls that are prone to knots and tangles.

  • Application before any Trepadora styling product.

"My second product is Babassu Quench Leave-in Primer. LOVE this stuff! It’s really fantastic, and 100% my go to product for most hair types. It’s a fantastic base for other styling products." - Vicky

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Trepadora - Hibiscus Pink Cleansing Clay

Our moisturising shampoo alternative will help purify your scalp and restore precious moisture to your curls with pure French Pink Clay whilst enhancing elasticity.



  • Medium to thirsty curls that need moisture.

  • Those who prefer to wash their curls with a conditioning product.

  • Sensitive scalps

"Next on my list would be Hibiscus Pink Clay, again from the brilliant Trepadora product range . It’s amazing if you ever get an itchy scalp from product build-up. The added bonus is it smells lovely too!" - Vicky

Take a look HERE


Matrix Total Results - Miracle Creator

The secret to a fantastic finish every time!

It's a multi-tasking, versatile styling formula that offers twenty benefits to achieve professional results - great to tackle many hair concerns all at once.

Nourishes and boosts, smooths and shines, anti-frizz and prevents split ends - It really is a fantastic product for all hair types.

"Last but not least. I may specialise in curls, but I love all aspects of hairdressing. So when I’m working with straight hair I always love to use Miracle Creator from Matrix - it leaves your hair feeling smooth, silky, nourished, and it smells absolutely amazing!" - Vicky

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