The Balayage Process - with Natasha

If you're looking for something sensational from your next salon visit, let's talk balayage - a speciality at our multi award-winning Manchester Oxford Road salon


So we thought we'd put a little video together showing the balayage process from start to finish - nothing too technical or overly drawn out, just a simple vid to give an overview of the whole process!

Our stylist Natasha shows here how it's done, from mixing the colour formula, through application to styling and finishing.

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The Balayage

When you want something sensational and transformational, look no further than the Balayage technique of hair colouring at our Manchester salon

'Balayage' originates from the French term “to sweep.” and is a colouring technique where colour is hand painted onto the hair to give it a natural, gradual transition with no obvious or harsh lines - not necessarily all the ends will be affected and the transition between dark and light will be much longer and more natural looking.

The best thing? The colour can be customised to suit your hair colour and hair type.

By strategically freehand painting the hair, you can highlight or even detract from certain features of your face, and you can be sure that no one else out there has the exact same hair colour as you.

"I love to do balayages! We can be as bold and as bright as you want, or as soft and subtle as you want, it is all down to personal preference and what works with your skin tone and hair type. I think there is a misconception with balayages that they only work if you are going for a blonde tone; you can 100% go with brunette, coppers and vivids as well!" - Natasha

The Process

Understanding the difference between cool and warm undertones, and what works best for your complexion is key

  • It's about creating a formula that will compliment your skin tone and hair type - this is why our consultation process is so important

  • Warm toned skin tends to have a yellow or golden hue. If your eyes are brown, dark brown, amber, or hazel and the veins on the inside of your wrist have a greenish tint, you have a warm skin tone

  • People with a cool skin tone will have a pinkish hue. If you have blue, grey, or green eyes and the veins on the inside of your wrist have a blueish tint, you have a cool skin tone

"The consultation is the most important part of the whole process - once we assess the condition and colour of the hair, and assess the skin tone, we can move forward on a colour formula that works best for you" - Natasha

Application and styling

With balayage, we paint the dye directly onto the hair strands, leaving a natural blend. On the other hand, a more drastic colour transition can be achieved by bleaching the bottom half of your hair and dyeing a lighter shade on top using foils, a more traditional dyeing method, to achieve that soft blend between the two colours.

  • Because balayage is painted by hand, the highlights are less consistent. This results in the softer progression of the dye, leaving a beautiful, natural multi-toned colour

  • Colour is swept through small, triangular sections of hair onto a board or foil, resulting in a seamless blend of the highlights and your natural hair colour

  • With balayage, there is no clear fade line between the darker and lighter colours. As well, darker pieces are left at the bottom to give the hair that extra depth and dimension. Balayage hair also requires less maintenance due to this natural transition!

  • The creative possibilities are endless — you just need to decide how big of a change you'd like and how daring you're feeling!

  • Styling - when it comes to balayage, the technique looks incredibly beautiful with beachy, flowing waves for a real luxurious look. If your hair is shorter, straight or more of a bobbed style, a more drastic colour blocking would suit this - get in touch with us at the salon to discuss options for your style!

"The balayage technique is freehand painting on the hair. This allows us to use as much or as little product as necessary to achieve your desired look. A balayage also means you won't have a strong regrowth, which makes for low maintenance down the line - perfect for those with busy lifestyles!" - Natasha

Salted caramel balayage
Golden blonde balayage
Ashy silver balayage
Dusky purple balayage

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