Kayla’s British Hairdressing Business Awards 2021


By Seamus

London calling yet again!

This the 3rd time this year I’ve been down to London to participate in the British Hairdressing Industry competition circuit. Each year we enter different competitions so I can put a spotlight on the amazing talents my team at McCrory Hair possess.

It’s an opportunity for me as the “boss” to say well done to whoever is lucky enough to finalise. A time to dress up and party too!

It is Kayla’s night to shine tonight (@misshillhair on Instagram), and much of the team are in attendance to show support (and have a good knees up!).

She’s up for Assistant/Junior Of The Year, being chosen out of 100’s of entries from all over the U.K. Top 6 in the country!! An achievement in itself, making her a winner already in our eyes. Kayla has focused in on her training and taken all the opportunities presented to her, pushing herself up that career ladder at such an early stage. As an employer this sort of recognition validates the training systems I have in place at the salon. Education is my number one priority, because without the continuing learning curve we all need not just at work but in life too, we would all remain stagnant.

It’s a 10am start at Piccadilly train station in Manchester. As usual I am the first one there, stretching my neck to see who’s here. One by one we all trickle together. Last minute provisions for the train and we are off for that long ass walk down the side of the train to get to the carriage we’re assigned to.

After a high spirited train ride we arrive in London. We booked a beautiful Airbnb house in Chelsea and arrived all excited to bag which bedroom each of us would have.

Countdown to getting ready and heading to the British Hairdressing Business Awards at the lavish Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge.

But wait, there is a pub just across the road from our accommodation, so after a lovely lunch we all decide to start getting ready. It’s an early 6pm start for the awards.

Everybody looks so glamorous as we arrive looking the part. Kayla looks beautiful in a full length black dress with a plunging neckline. There is a champagne reception with all the famous hairdressers mixing in the same room. Photographers & film crews snapping all the action. This is always a great experience prior to the meal and announcements, it helps to steady the nerves and then we’re off into the big ball room for the main event.

There is probably 60 tables of 11 on each table. After a fantastic screen show the dinner is served and we happily munch our way through that, then Jayne Lewis-Orr the editor of Hairdressers Journal introduces the compere for the evening, the amazingly funny Joel Dommet. Funny guy!

When Kayla’s category comes up we all cheer vociferously!!! What an incredibly proud moment for us all.


Sadly it wasn’t a win on the night but to say we were all so happy and proud for Kayla is an understatement. She held herself with great poise and dignity, but what an achievement, top 6 in the whole of the U.K.

After all of the awards are dished out we dance the night away on the dance floor, obviously!

The whole experience from the start of compiling the entry to collapsing into bed was an empowering one. It shows us that when you decide to enter competitions, that you dig deep to really look at your performance and how you do things as a professional hairdresser. This is what we do constantly at the salon, always looking to excel and improve.

Since all this began Kayla has now fully qualified as a professional hairdresser and passed with a distinction!!! What a year for her. She is a name to watch. A talent to look out for. Here's to next year's round of competitions.

Au revoir London!

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